Carole J  Obley
Spiritual Medium, Author and Healer
Last updated: 2/21/2020
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Carole J. Obley has been the bridge between heaven and earth in over 9000 group and individual readings with startling clarity, specificity and accuracy about people’s loved ones in spirit. Names, descriptions of loved ones’ personalities and uncanny, validating details about you and your family’s lives as well as grief support and teachings about the afterlife are typically delivered in her readings. Heartfelt and compassionate in her approach, Carole is also well known for her practical, down-to -earth guidance and insight into life issues, such as relationships, career and finance. For more on private sessions: Click here

Through her inspiring books, CD’s, media work, seminars and workshops, Carole has touched thousands, helping them to move through the grieving process more easily and importantly, to open their hearts and minds to the Divine within. After experiencing a session, many people comment on how much lighter and more connected they feel, renewed by the power of love and comforted by the confirmation that death does not separate us from those we love. Carole’s passionate intent is to use her talents to mirror the divine essence of others, thereby empowering them to reach for the stars in all avenues of their lives.

Because she ardently believes that each person has the ability to connect with the voice of God within by accessing intuition, Carole has created three levels of intuition development, which she teaches in fun-filled, affordable weekend intensives. She loves to teach and share many of the easy- to- apply techniques she personally utilized to develop her own abilities as a medium. Click here for more information.
These workshops are taught in different locations throughout the year. To receive up-to-date news about workshops, reading discounts and product sales, please sign up for the monthly e-newsletter at the top of this page. Your email is confidential and will never be shared or sold.

Carole is currently offering private phone sessions and group mediumship only. To schedule either, please call 724-744-0685.
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