~What are your readings like? In other words, what should I expect to experience during a reading?

Each reading is unique because it is automatically tailored to your individual concerns, issues, and questions. In addition to communicating with the spirit world and your loved ones who live there, my readings often address many other aspects of your life- for example- life purpose, career and relationship issues, physical and emotional healing concerns, and past-life information as it affects your current life situations. At the beginning of each session, I ask to receive the highest and the best information and healing needed at the time for you. My role and intent as a spiritual medium is to act as a channel for you to receive whatever Spirit, the universal healing force, directs. It is most helpful for you to prepare questions prior to having your session so that your intent is focused and clear. It is also helpful to release expectations about what will be communicated during the session so you will be open to receive what is needed. The style of my readings is relaxed, friendly, conversational, and healing-centered.

~Will the loved one(s) I want to hear from come through in a session? Can’t you as a medium always contact them?

No, no reputable medium can guarantee the presence/communication of anyone who has crossed into spirit. Because each soul has free will, spirits can choose to communicate or not, and this decision is strictly theirs. However, it is much more likely that they will come through if they are invited in a loving way by you, their loved one. This is why I highly recommend that you prepare for a session by sending positive, loving thoughts to those in spirit and ask them to communicate their continued presence in your life through providing evidential information to you in the reading. There also may be other spirits who want to deliver messages to you for purposes of getting their message to someone you know, such as a friend or co-worker. In these cases you are the spiritual messenger who can carry this healing information to their loved one(s).

~ How soon after someone has passed can I book a reading with you? I’ve heard it takes time for those on the Other Side to know how to communicate.

A good rule of thumb is at least several months, maybe longer, depending on your emotional state. Many people are consumed by grief immediately following the passing of a loved one and are therefore not emotionally receptive enough to receive a reading. Because grief is a relatively “heavy” emotion-energetically speaking- it may prevent the necessary link between you and those in spirit from taking place. Grieving the loss of a loved one takes longer for some people and the process must be respected as both healthy and necessary to heal. Readings serve as a tool and conduit of healing, but should not replace your personal journey of saying goodbye to those in spirit. I recommend that you gauge the state of your emotions before coming for a reading. As far as their ability to communicate, it is a matter of their willingness to do so. In some sessions, my spirit guides act as facilitators to help make the link between them and me. In most sessions, I hear directly from those in spirit.

~ Do you summon spirits when you do readings? Can I ask to hear from specific people I want to connect with?

No, I do not summon anyone when doing readings. I simply open my inner senses of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience to perceive spirits who are with you and want to communicate their presence. I always maintain a receptive state during the session and act as an observer and interpreter of their energy. Therefore, spirits are not “attached” to me; clients bring them to sessions through their relationships and intent. It’s a good idea to prepare for a session by meditating a day or so ahead of the appointment. Meditation brings awareness of the eternal, formless realm of Spirit- the spark of the Divine within each person. This is the middle ground where you will meet with loved ones. It’s best to allow whomever wants to come through do so and to release all expectations about what will be communicated during the session.

~Do deceased pets come through in the readings?

Yes, I have done many readings in which the client’s cat, dog, horse, or other pet have made their presence known. Our pets are bonded to us by love, just as our loved ones who have crossed into spirit. They come through to let you know they are safe, happy, and around you all the time.

~What sorts of things will you tell me so that I will know it is really my loved one you are talking with?

I am an evidential medium and I am constantly asking spirit beings to be as specific as they can in the information they impart in order to create a deeper heart connection with you the receiver. It really depends on what the communicating spirit impresses me with that determines the information imparted to you. Most commonly, spirits will give enough information about themselves so you will be able to identify who they are. Examples of this include their name or initial, what illness or condition they passed from, their personality, items that connect you to them, and specific information regarding your recent past and future that they are aware of. The spirit world operates in many varied and wonderful ways to have their messages of continued existence known and spirits can be quite clever in their methods of communication. The best guideline is to simply be open to all of the communication, even if you cannot immediately relate to it. I recommend that you bring a recording device or take notes on what is communicated. If a message is not immediately recognizable to you, you may want to attempt to validate it afterwards by re-listening to the tape or contacting family members or friends who may know more than you about the particular circumstances referenced. Since loved ones may impart information about future events in your life, you will simply “file” the message for future validation.

~My religion says it is wrong to communicate with those who are deceased or to know the future. How do you justify charging money for a reading?

Because my work is spiritually centered and healing based, I consider mediumship and psychic/intuitive ability to be a powerful tool from Spirit that enables people in grief to heal, resolve guilt and unspoken feelings, and to dissolve the fear of death. Contrary to being evil or negative, a reading is a healing in the truest sense of the word. I have been blessed to hear from many clients after their reading and how much more peaceful, centered, and renewed they feel. Years of sadness, guilt, anger, and “unfinished” business can be transformed and healed in a single session. All healing emanates from the hand of Spirit; I am simply the channel for this healing. Like any talent, mediumship must be developed and constantly refined through the channel of the medium. Like any other profession, my fee for a reading or healing is charged in exchange for my time, years of training and expertise in the field. In addition to doing mediumship professionally, I have given many hours of free service work in my field.

~Do you read for groups of people? How do I set this up in my home or business?

Yes, I read for both family and general groups in single group sessions (as opposed to individual mini-readings.) These sessions are often powerful in that everyone present receives healing from the given spirit messages. I also offer my mediumship program Messages From the Other Side: Connecting With Spirit, in various locations throughout the year. I will come to your home or business for groups of 12 or more. Please see my website under “Program Information” for more information on hosting me.

~I wrote a list of things I expect my loved one to say when he/she comes through in the reading. What does it mean if some of these things aren’t addressed during the session?

As odd as it may seem, the Other Side have their own “agenda” when communicating with us and they will bring through what they feel is necessary to establish their identity and offer their perspective on life issues. I have been asked why they feel it necessary to give information about things or circumstances that aren’t centered on our most pressing questions. I believe it is because, in general, they want us to know they have survived death, are at peace and are aware of what is going on in our lives by providing evidence that supports their continued existence in spirit. I’ve learned through thousands of readings that there are no hard and fast rules about what will be communicated in a reading, although there are standard ways spirits will tell us who they are (names, passing conditions, for example). However, many readings I’ve done have offered astounding details that only the client and person in spirit could have known. When coming for a reading, it is always best to ask (in prayer) for the best communication your loved ones can offer you.


(Please read this entire page before booking a session with me.)