1. Mediumistic Reading
This reading provides evidence about your loved ones. Names, descriptions of personalities, shared memories and other validating details about their life and yours are typically provided. Personal messages to you and others may also be imparted.
2. Akashic Past Life Readings: 
This reading reveals to you past life and karmic influences as they relate to current life situations.
If You have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment please contact Carole  by calling (724)744-0685

(Appointments are no longer made via email)
After confirming your appointment.
Please fill out the form below with your name, phone number, date and time of your appointment.
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**** Preparation for a session:****

Because you are an important past of the communication process,it's necessary that you prepare prior to your session:

*Please have your questions and/or  areas of concern or interest firmly in mind.

*Since loved ones who have crossed over are connected to you by the bond of love, send love and/or prayer to them prior to your session and ask them to come through.

Phone sessions (individual)

$ 185 per hour

$ 95 per half hour
Couple sessions:

$225 per hour

$125 per half hour
3. Karmic astrological reading:
Amazingly accurate, this reading provides you with the insight and understanding of where you’ve been and where you’re going, spiritually speaking. Discover how your unique planetary alignments reveal karmic themes that are relevant to your current focus and mission. The reading includes a copy of your natal chart and the explanations of trends. Please provide date, time and place of birth. (If you don’t have exact time, noon of the date will be used).
Make checks payable to:
Soulvisions LLC
Mailing address:
Carole J. Obley
               PO Box 185                Harrison City, Pa. 15636

Disclaimer: By scheduling an appointment with Carole you understand and agree that Carole is not a medical expert or attorney and can not give medical diagnosis or legal advice. Carole will not be held responsible for any action or decisions you make pertaining to your life using your free will. Services are not to be used in place of any professional, medical, financial, or legal counseling. Carole is not responsible for any decisions you make as a result of a service with her. Your consultation is subject to your own personal interpretation.
Please note that there are NO REFUNDS to the buyer once services have been rendered *****

A portion of all monies is regularly donated to charities.
How Can You Do Readings by Phone or Skype?

I’m often asked about the difference between an in-person and phone or Skype (for international clients) reading. The answer is simple: nothing. Because the reading is energy-based, the integrity of the information I receive as medium is not compromised by distance or geographical location. A good similarity to this is prayer or positive thoughts which may be sent many miles to the intended receiver. The energetic connection with you and/or the spirit world is made when you and I connect on the phone or through Skype. I have done thousands of readings via phone with successful, positive results. On top of that, I have many years of experience of reading for callers when I’ve been a guest on various radio shows.
What benefits do you receive from a phone or Skype session? Besides the obvious positive experience of hearing from your loved ones in spirit and other information about your life, you do not need to leave the comfort and privacy of your own home for your appointment. Importantly, you save time and gas- precious commodities in today’s world. You simply call me at your appointment time and we’re ready to roll!
To get the most from readings, I recommend you prepare by writing questions and engaging in stillness or meditation before we connect.
All sessions must be pre-paid through my website or by mailing a check.
INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS: For Skype sessions, you must email ( your Skype ID so Carole can add you as a contact. You will receive a return email with her ID to add to your contact list for the session. All sessions are scheduled in USA Eastern time zone. Convert to your location’s time zone here:: time zones

*All paid for readings must be fully redeemed within six months from the original transaction or both the session and the payment is forfeited.

*All payments for readings with Carole Obley are non-refundable once the session has been completed and/or after 15 minutes has elapsed. If Carole or you terminate the reading15 minutes or less due to lack of connection with you during the reading, you will be fully refunded. It is your responsibility to terminate the reading if you are dissatisfied within the first 15 minutes. After that, you will forfeit the entire reading fee.

*Sessions paid for upon booking can be rescheduled. Carole is understanding of this and is flexible. Also, because most private readings are done by phone, it is your responsibility to call Carole’s office at the scheduled time. If you do not, she will make one attempt to call the number you provided. If you do not call Carole’s office back within five minutes, you will need to reschedule. Sessions fees are forfeited and non-transferable to rescheduled dates when cancelled within the 48 hour window before an individual session's scheduled start time.
: If you are using the Paypal app, you must provide your email for me to send you an invoice through which you can pay. Send your email to: and we will send you an invoice within 24 hours to make payment.

My contact phone number is a landline and therefore cannot accept texts. Please do not text or send payments to this number as I will not receive them.
Charges on paypal statement will appear Paypal " Carole Obley"