A collection of compelling, true stories of after-death communication from the experiences of psychic medium Carole J. Obley. These inspiring examples open our hearts and minds by convincingly demonstrating how contact with the spirit world can be a catalyst in healing grief. We are uplifted and comforted by realizing that the challenges we face in life can be positively transformed by the magnificent strength of undying love.
With a guiding hand and caring heart, Carole expertly leads us into the fascinating world of spirit communication and its tremendous value in healing grief. The true stories shared in I’m Still With You,—both Carole’s and those of her clients—are inspiring, practical and beautifully articulated. Move over Ghost Whisperer- this book is the real deal.
Gina Mazza Hillier, author of Everything Matters, Nothing Matters

An extremely readable record. Carole deals extensively with the understanding of spirit communication and includes an enlightening chapter on the tools necessary for healing grief. A worthwhile addition to anyone's library of spiritual and Spiritualist books. I welcome it.
Ray Buckland, Author of The Spirit Book

Carole Obley's extremely well-written journey into mediumship is an inspiration to anyone wanting to understand life after death, connect with loved ones or with their own spiritual guidance. This must-read book makes mediumship understandable for anyone in an easy-to-read format that transforms mysteries about life after death into realities.
Nancy Mramor, Author of Spiritual Fitness

Carole Obley's tools for healing grief are powerful and clear. This book can give people dealing with loss a new sense of purpose and a new level of relationship with their loved-ones in spirit.
Sharon Anne Klingler, author, Intuition and Beyond
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This is one book I found very hard to put down; whenever I had a spare moment, I took it up again to continue where I left off. My mother died when I was fifty years old. Hers was the first funeral I had ever attended up to that time, and her death hit me like nothing else before had ever done. So, it was no wonder portions of this book moved me to tears. I could readily identify with many of the people involved, including the author. Like me, she felt very much a loner, often misunderstood, and not really knowing which direction her life was supposed to go. Unlike me, she eventually discovered her purpose and followed it. These stories of contact with those who have died and passed to the other side will assuredly bring hope and healing to those who grieve, and knowledge to those who have yet to experience it. ”Understanding and accepting that death is a natural transition eases our passage into the spirit world. Knowing that our spirit continues to evolve in other realms of consciousness gives us the reassurance that life is eternal.”
Michael Woodhead, TCM Reviews
A great read!, June 28, 2008

I very much enjoyed this easy to read book. If you are not a "believer", you will be after reading this book. It impressed me so much that I went to meet the author in person for a reading of my own.
I am a believer. Read this book. Carole is an amazing person. Many of my friends are not only reading the book, but going for a reading of their own.
By  Dee "Dee" (Philadelphia, PA)
Very comforting, July 6, 2008

Losing a loved one is a painful, unavoidable life experience, but having reassurance that our loved ones live on and are still connected to us by love makes it bearable. I had a reading with Carole last fall, several months after my husband's death, and it has helped me begin a spiritual journey and level of acceptance that has been comforting beyond words. I read Carole's first book, which is good, but this one is better. The stories she relates are very similar to the reading I experienced, and it made me a believer in an afterlife, in consciousness after death, and certainly in Carole's ability to act as a conduit for messages from our loved ones.  From beginning to end, I’m sure the reader will find this a very touching, inspiring, and intriguing read. One chapter in particular had me in tears (of happiness).Sharing with us her gift of Mediumship, and many experiences of some of her clients, Carole presents “true stories of healing grief through spirit communication”.
By  Janice W. (Columbus, Ohio)
Clear, Compelling Evidence and Comfort to the Bereaved, July 11, 2008

This is a well-written, thoughtful book, and an enjoyable read. I now understand much better the nature of spiritual mediumship "from the inside." Ms. Obley is herself a spiritual medium and shares intriguing insight into the training, daily work, responsibilities and challenges of mediumship. More importantly, she provides abundant, compelling and fascinating evidence of the reality of life (and love) after death through numerous case studies taken from her own practice. One cannot help but also sense the genuine love and concern Ms. Obley has for all her clients. This is not a 'fluff' book -- it is all substance, and gives plenty of food for thought. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about this leading-edge subject. Move over, John Edward!

By Brian E. J.  (Pittsburgh, PA USA)