Words cannot describe Carole's passion and ability. My reading spanned several generations-- which some information had to be validated by my parents and grandparents.
The accuracy was incredible! 98% of my reading has been validated. We have a true link to the other side in Carole and more importantly an honest person who uses her gift to help, not get rich. I challenged several of my friends to have a reading and if they were not impressed I offered to pay for their session-- several readings later it has not cost me a dime. Thanks again Carole for being a person that can heal,give hope and help people get through this spiritual journey
I am still trying to catch my breath following an hour long reading wherein Carole was able to connect with my twenty year life partner John who had suddenly passed away in our home four months ago. The incredible details of events that were revealed amazes me and allows me to understand that John has never actually left me, but has been aware of conversations, events, and feelings that have been expressed since his passing. Carole was able to precisely connect with the personality and character traits that John possessed in life. Amazing details of situations which had occurred in the confidential, private confines of my professional private practice office came through. Specifically, the mother of one of my clients was present during the reading and made reference to her adult child. Additionally, a conversation that I had with my administrative assistant about her husband's passing that I had just the day before my reading
was referenced. Although my heart still hurts from missing John, the incredibly compassionate and heartfelt insights that were delivered by Carole have eased my grief and allowed the healing to begin. God Bless you, Carole, for the work you do to bridge the gap between our physical world and the spiritual world that follows.
Kathleen A Verrengia

I need to tell every one how uplifting my reading was. After my husband was killed in a motorcycle accident,I had many hours of wondering if he had suffered. Carole was able to connect with him and reassured me that he felt no pain. [Knowing that] he is actually FREE and SOARING gives me great peace. He came through just as he was in life - headstrong. I had always felt connected to him and now I know for sure that we are still connected and that he really does see everything I was hoping he would see.I am now getting ready to host a reading for all our friends so they too can feel the peace I have felt. Thank you to the Open Mind book store where I found Carole. Thank you, Carole and thank you, Jim, for coming through.
S W.
Hi Carole,
I was lucky enough to receive a reading from you as well to attend your course in Lilydale this summer.Being a Spritualist for many years, I have received many many readings over the years.The reading I received from you not only was incrediably accurate but also brought me a tremendous amount of comfort as well. By far the best reading I ever have experienced. Your kind heart and warmth
was evident as you brought through my father- you are an Angel!!
I attended your message circle last evening and received a wonderful, uplifting reading from you.My mother, Mary, came through loud and clear.It meant so much to me. You see, I was only 11 years old when she passed and have very little, if any, memories of her. You were so right on with everything you said to validate her presence, from her dying from breast cancer to her Happy Birthday greetings to my two brothers, both of which are this week.It is very comforting to know she is watching over my two beautiful daughters. You mentioned her and pink roses.I couldn't think of any connection at the time but when I came home and reflected on the reading, it hit me!I have a picture of her on my dresser in a beautiful frame given to me as a gift years ago. Along one side of the frame is a single, raised pink rose!Next to it is a Mother's day card from my daughter last Mother's day that I saved because it was so pretty. On the front is a bouquet of pink roses! You were given such a wonderful gift,thank you so much for sharing that with me. God Bless You... S.R.
I came to Carole with an open but objective mind, and I left with no doubts about her abilities. I revealed nothing about myself to her, yet all of the information that came through in her reading proved to be absolutely accurate. This includes facts I didn't personally know at the time of the reading, but I was able to confirm later when I checked with my relatives. This also includes information pertaining to an event that actually took place several weeks after the reading! "Wow-factor" aside, the most important thing I took with me from my reading was a great sense of healing, affirmation, and closure. If there is anyone out there who feels they would benefit from work with a medium, but is scared to try because they don't know who is legitimate and who isn't, I can only promise you that Carole is the "real deal".

Take care,
What a treasure to have such a talented and gifted medium in the Pittsburgh area. I have had several readings with Carole and have never been disappointed. She has brought me so much comfort and confirmation that my son is still very much in and aware of my life.

Carole has given me specifics about events that have happened since my son's passing that let me know he is still with us. She has also confirmed the presence of several dear pets. Most recently she said my son was showing her a horseshoe. This meant nothing to me at all and she said to "keep it". One week later I was helping my daughter clean my mother's bedroom and there hanging out of a planter was a horseshoe! I had never seen it before even though I lived in the house for many years. My daughter told me she had found it in a drawer that morning and stuck it on the planter. Awesome!

I have typed all the readings I have had with Carole and I read them when I need a boost. They offer me much comfort and I am always amazed how much information came through.

I have had readings with other mediums (George Anderson for one) and Carole is still my favorite. She brings a warmth and compassion to her readings and seems to bring through the information a grieving mom needs to hear. I highly recommend her.
Leslie Taylor

Your guidance was very helpful to me and I eagerly await for it all to unfold, for both my business and spiritual growth opportunities. I would not hesitate to recommend you for a reading to anyone.

Thank you for a most amazing and comprehensive reading! Your talented use of astrological references during our discussion was mind blowing and greatly enriched the conversation. Speaking with you has helped to validate so many concerns; you're gifted beyond description, and I am so glad that we connected (.. once again, no

This was my first reading with Carole. She was very warm and easy to talk with. Her talented use of astrological references greatly enriched the experience. Her readings regarding past lives have helped me to understand many of my thoughts, intuitive experiences and personal habits. Her comments re: messages from spirit, in my current life were 100% accurate. I have no doubt about her abilities. I feel that her comments have and will continue to help me on my personal and spiritual journey. I would recommend Carole without reservation.

Having the karmic astrological chart done by you was the most therapeutic thing I have ever done for myself. I urge anyone who has "Father/Mother issues" to get one. One hour spent with you and spirit took away twenty years of whys and how comes and pain I suffered because of my father's complete emotional abandonment of me and not my sister. It's amazing how knowing what our relationship in the past was and the karma carried over into this life allowed me to just be free of him and his bitterness and all my father issues. Now I am stronger than I ever have been and dwell no more on the past. I have completed that karmic lesson. Thank you.

My family purchased a reading for me with Carole. They knew it would please me greatly, and it did. Carole provided me with much needed information and connected with very dear family members. She even was able to see some of my past lives. It was a highly enlightening and thoroughly enjoyable experience. I would recommend her to anyone. Carole is the real deal. I instantly was drawn to her when I heard her on a radio program and consider the gift of a reading with her one of the best gifts I have ever received. If you are thinking about it, don't think anymore, book a reading! A.E.

Just a note of endorsement for your work.  First, let me assure the dubious that your presentation hasn't a hint of vagueness or ambiguity.  In fact, the information that you were receiving from my father to pass on to me was precise and deeply meaningful to me (and him!). You had a picture of a man in a suit.- someone who wore a suit all the time.  After a few moments of confusion I realized it was my father. It was his habit to always be dressed professionally. Our relationship had frequently been rocky. Yet he was deeply religious and came to appreciate how I expanded his spiritual understanding. There was more to the reading, but one thing in particular stuck out at the end. It was so unusual that you hesitated to tell me about it. It was the symbol of him handing me a horseshoe.  But I knew immediately what it meant and why he would do that. It was a family reunion tradition to play horseshoes. And a symbol that I had reached manhood in his eyes. There was alot more in the reading, all of it relevant and specific to our relationship.  And only meaningful to me. It has brought me considerable peace and yes, happiness. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I have been blessed by discovering Carole 8 years ago. Her readings have helped me with the death of my father and the subsequent understanding of my karma as it relates to taking care of my mother. I shared the readings with my husband and he was so impressed that he had a reading. We both now are at peace that we did the best we could with our life situations.
Carole's abilities are truly a gift from God.
Sandy Welch
Carole is without a doubt the best medium in the field today. I have had several readings with her and I 've always come away feeling that I've had an actual visit with my dear ones in spirit. She somehow seems to place herself right next to the spirit of who I want to hear from. The conversation between her and that spirit goes at a rapid pace from there. Carole is always very compassionate when giving a reading and manages to give guidance that is very heartfelt and practical. I've had readings from other mediums, some of whom are quite celebrated, but none of them have her ability in bringing forth such warmth and love. In my opinion, Carole is the best of the best and is destined to become a person in much demand. I am very proud and fortunate to have her read for me. She is a delightful person and a very special friend. Thanks, Carole, from the bottom of my heart.
Ken Newell

Carole's ability to channel energy, thoughts and responses from the afterlife to us here on earth is truly amazing. My father passed away one and a half years ago.  In the session, Carole gave me peace of mind and comfort.  The specific details and thoughts mentioned during our session were things that absolutely no one would have known except for my Dad and me. I left the session with a reconnection to my father that I had been yearning for.  Thanks, Carole, for your incredible talent, as it has touched my life in an unbelievable way.
My dad crossed over almost 10 years ago.  I was at an event in which Carole was a guest speaker. She started to do readings in the group, and my dad came through loud and clear, and really took over the communication. I about fell off of my chair when this happened. I scheduled a personal reading with Carole, and through all of the many validations, I was able to accept my dad's passing. So many things came out of that meeting that only my dad and I knew; I was completely validated. Carole helped me understand, cope, and deal with life thereafter. She is really great. I highly recommend her abilities.
- a daughter who heard from her dad

I lost my son Jay who was 17 to a horrible accident. A month or so ago, I called and had a session with Carole. It was absolutely unbelievable. The information was so right on- down to Jay's personality. I have lived in this hell for 85 weeks and now I finally feel I can take a deep breath and feel at peace with his passing. I miss him terribly, but with Carole's help I have realized our time together is not over, just at a stand still for now. I will be able to move forward and continue raising my other children and enjoy my time with them. Carole, you are a wonderful person and you definitely saved me from myself in a time of need. Thank you. I can't even begin to tell you how much you mean to me.
Kelly Brainerd, Atoka, TN
I will be forever greatful to Carole for what she gave to me. I recently had my first meeting by phone and was blown away but what I heard.Recently, I have come to know death for the first time in my life after the loss of my younger sister.
I had never grieved nor did I know how to begin.Carole easily connected with my sister who had passed just one month earlier. She gave messages that I verified right away and others that I made sense of a few days later. The messages assured me that my sister was still with us and that she knows all the things we have done for her. Since my reading with Carole a weight has been lifted from my shoulders and a calmness has come to me. There was no stone unturned in the reading. She gave Carole the answers to questions I asked her to answer before the reading. I would reccomand Carole to any and every one I know. The reading is priceless.  I am thankful to you, Carole, from the bottom of my heart.
Jacksonville, FL

I just finished a reading with Carole and I can say she was wonderful. She connected with whom I needed to hear from- my son and daughter- along with others. She gave me information about and from my son that only I knew. There was no possible way she could have known anything in reference to personal info unless she connected to my son. My daughter died at age 28 and my son recently at age 31. In the reading, Carole mentioned she saw medallions my son was showing her. At the time of the reading, I had no idea of any medallions. After the session, I realized that I was wearing the 2 medallions around my neck with my childrens' pictures on them!
Without doubt, Carole connected with my loved ones and gave me peace and happiness by letting me know my children are with me. Anyone in need of this special lady- an angel in my eyes- and her God-given gifts, PLEASE don't hesitate to call or email her! I have been living in grief for years, getting counseling, etc. Carole helped me more than anyone has. God Bless you, Carole. God gave you the gift to help those like myself in need of recovery and hope.

-a mother who connected with her children

I was always afraid to speak to someone like Carole because of my religious beliefs. However, after losing my mother to cancer, I felt a void and was looking for any way to reconnect and find a little peace. From the moment I met Carole, I had goose bumps as she overwhelmed me with private details that only my mother would have known. The amount of healing and peace I found was priceless! I met with her a few more times and each time was unique and fulfilling. 
After purchasing a business, I decided to work with her regarding intuitive business coaching. It was an amazing way to help me focus and quickly gain productivity. She not only helped me hone in on key areas of focus, but she also referred me to people that could help me reach my goals. Her professionalism and guidance were very helpful.…..Working with Carole has reinforced my belief that there is a higher spiritual place beyond this world. I know when I pass; I will be reunited with the ones that have gone before me. Carole is not a mind reader and she doesn’t predict the future. However, her ability to connect with the other side is, without question, a gift. Don’t be afraid…reach out to her, you will not regret it!
Carmela Cugini
Director of Sales, Fortune 500 Beverage Company
I found Carole's books by chance after the death of my son. Her books were the only ones that gave me any comfort. Ironically, I came to find out that Carole is located in my backyard. I am living out of the area temporarily, so I have had two sessions over the phone. She is the real deal. There is no way that she could have known any of the information she gave me. I decided to have a second session because I have so much confidence in her. If you have any doubts, just give her a chance. You will not be disappointed. I plan on calling her in the future. I was impressed to say the least. I feel she has the "gift." DDB
My dear cousin Andy passed a few yrs ago and occasionally, I will take a message to his sister from him. However, in the back of my mind, I wondered if he was really communicating to me. Several nights before I attended group mediumship with Carole, I asked Andy to use the word “bingo” at the reading so I would know our conversations were real. The messages I received from Carole confirmed his presence at the group and several other validations. Near the end of the session, she looked at me and said, ‘He’s mentioning bingo. Did someone in your family play bingo?” I squealed when I heard it and still can't believe it. Andy mentioned bingo! I was thrilled that Carole had relayed this to me. I now know without a doubt that my conversations with Andy are real.
Kim Brecht
I had a session with Carole this past week. Her ability to channel energy, thoughts and responses from the afterlife to those on earth is truly amazing. My father passed away one and a half years ago. Carole was able to give me peace of mind and comfort about his passing. The specific details and thoughts mentioned during our session were things that absolutely no one would have known except for my dad and me. I left the session with a reconnection to my father that I had been yearning for. I thank you, Carole, for your incredible talent as it has touched my life in an unbelievable way.
- a daughter who heard from her father
We attended a group reading with Carole just yesterday and we were absolutely blown away by her knowledge of very personal messages sent by our loved one. She gave us messages that were just unbelievable and we will be visiting with her again. Very special lady is what she is!! Thank you, Carole, from the bottom of our hearts.
-Family members who heard from their loved ones in spirit
I sat in a circle with Carole at a Mystical Fair Event. She was absolutely incredible! Afterwards, I purchased two of her CD's. My favorite is Reconnect. While listening to it, I connected with a sister I didn't realize I had. The Healing Temple meditation is one of the most intense meditations I have ever done! Thank you so much, Carole, for sharing!
Love and Light,
Sherry Halm
I’m analytical and skeptical. I have a math degree and work as an engineer.
If I believe in anything, it’s that anything is possible, but you’re going to have to show me. Moments ago, I concluded a session with Carole where I felt like I was sitting in the same room with my recently
departed father. She brought up my father (at the beginning of the session and immediately identified how he died. She talked about what dad used to talk about, in the order and manner he would have said it and expressed it as only dad did. She intermingled details that individually could be explained by random chance, but collectively- details of sports, his love of nature, events in our lives, his commitment to philanthropy, etc.) that are very difficult to refute. I played snippets of the recording to my wife whose eyes immediately filled with tears when she recognized my dad’s style of speaking. I’m aware of skeptics such as the James Randi Educational Foundation, but I also know what I heard, and it was astonishing.
---John W.
I just received a reading from Carole and I am still crying. I had been very distraught for almost 11 years thinking about what he felt.
Now I know that his spirit was already with his grandmother.All of the information that I received from Carole was validated by either
name, circumstances or pictures.
I am so relieved and thankful for Carole and the reading.Thank you Carole for everything today from the bottom of my heart.
Marilyn Mclane